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Secret Pants | Review of Winslow Culottes

This weekend is a big family wedding, the last of my 7 siblings to get married.  Family weddings are pretty much the best day ever.  You get to hang with your favourite people, drink, eat yummy food, and dance the night away.  Considering there are now going to be 32 of us in my immediate family, we have a pretty great party.

The wedding is on the Washington coast which tends to be cooler and most likely either raining or grey so the usual summer dress and sandals might not work.  Thankfully my brother and his soon to be bride said that the dress code is Northwest Casual so my thought immediately went to culottes, basically the perfect secret pants.

Tencel Twill Cheyenne

Sometimes in sewing what feels like an epic mistakes turns into the happiest of accidents and so much better than you could have ever imagined.  My tencel twill cheyenne is just that an unexpected surprise from an epic cutting mistake earlier in the week.

Any sewist can look in their stash and find fabric that they are just waiting for the perfect pattern.  Whether the fabric has special meaning or maybe something you splurged on, you just want the garment to be perfect when the fabric is finally used.  But many of us get really nervous when the pattern has been picked and you have to actually cut into the fabric.