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Skirt Turned Luna Pants

My mother in law Linda is joining us on the blog today for a look at the fun refashion I did for her while she was visiting this weekend.

While getting ready for an upcoming move she found an old wrap skirt that Sean had gotten for her on one of his trips years ago.  While she liked the skirt, it is just too windy in Victoria for a wrap skirt so she asked if I could make it into some comfy pants.  Here is my take on a skirt turned Luna Pants.

Skirt Turned Luna Pants by Straight Stitch Designs

Repurposed Organization

Living in an old farmhouse with so much charm has been really fun.  Our home has crown molding throughout, amazing old wood doors, large baseboards and old windows.  While the windows are really fun and add to the charm of our house they don’t bode well for keeping the house warm in the winter or cool in the summer as they are all painted shut.  More and more houses in our neighbourhood are removing the old windows and putting in new more energy efficient windows.  We haven’t gotten there yet but it will definitely be in our future.