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Two New Paper Patterns in the Shop

There are two new paper patterns in the shop!

Two New Paper Patterns - Straight Stitch Designs

It is equal parts exciting and nerve wracking when I get the copies of my paper patterns from the printer.  Even though I pour over the drafts multiple times I am always worried there is going to be some glaring mistake and then I will have a huge box of really expensive scrap paper.  Thankfully when the copies came back from the printer for Montlake and Wedgwood everything was correct, or at least no mistakes I can find right now.

Behind the Scenes

When I was writing the post last week on letting go of my insecurities and rocking a bikini this summer it really got me thinking about what I want this little corner of the internet to be.  I want you to look at my posts and pictures and see the real me.  The stay at home mom to 2 kids who is juggling preschool, dance, soccer, running a business and sometimes cleaning the house.  The person who drinks way too much coffee and has just as many sewing successes as flops.


No Tape Needed

I have many fun things in store for Straight Stitch Designs in the coming months, I am just so excited about them all I decided to go ahead and show you my first new product hitting the shop for presales tomorrow.


Paper Patterns!

I have been working hard on all of the details for these patterns and I hope you love them as much as I do.  Each pattern has full colour printing through out the instruction booklet with the same great instructions and line drawings you would find in the pdf version.