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Style Your Meadowood for Winter

When I created the Meadowood I knew it would be a four seasons top for me, I can already picture it with shorts and sandals this summer, but I am getting ahead of myself.  Let’s talk winter styling, or more appropriately, layering the Meadowood.

Meadowood has a dolman sleeve which can make layering tricky if there isn’t enough room through the sleeves.  But since it is such a floaty top it lends itself well to floaty oversized layers.  I started to realize a few weeks ago that I have a few patterns in my collection that actually pair really well with it, and I didn’t even remember until I got cold one day while wearing one.

Retreat Collection Release | Leavenworth and Icicle Creek

Last November I held my first Makers Retreat in the mountains of Washington State.  As part of the retreat, I created two patterns that would not only be a fun sew but would teach the ladies specific skills within sewing, because if you are going to come to sew with teachers on hand to help, why not try new skills.

Since not everyone was able to come to the retreat I decided to release the two patterns to all of you.