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Knits Are Not Created Equal

In a perfect world you wouldn’t have to think about stretch percentages and fabric content when working with knits.  You could grab any knit from your stash and it would work the same as all the other knits when making the same pattern.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case, many times you have to make some adjustments to a pattern even when the fabric you are working with is one of the listed fabrics.  What it comes down to is that all knits are not created equal.

Mixing up the Ravenna

If you didn’t already know, it is Selfish Sewing Week hosted by the lovely Rachael of Imagine Gnats and Kollabora.  This is a week where we celebrate sewing for ourselves.  So set aside the projects for friends, kids, customers 🙂 and sew something everyday purely for yourself.  I will be participating this week and I look forward to seeing everything you are sewing.

Rachael is also hosting a giveaway on her blog where you can win 40 patterns from a great group of indie designers as well as a gift certificate to Indiesew.  My Ravenna pattern is among those being offered so throw your name in for a chance to win it.

Pattern Test – Janey Jump Around

As I am working my way through my patterns to test them out and see which ones I like and which ones are not going to be a part of my shop, I came across one of the newest patterns by Amy of Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

Let me just say that she has done it again and released another amazing free pattern.  She has so many great patterns available but I love that she creates a new pattern every year to offer free to all of her fans.  All you have to do is subscribe to her newsletter and you can download the pattern.  Seriously, go check it out you will not be disappointed with the quality of pattern she is offering.