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Pattern Mixing Like a Boss

I think the best outfits are when you don’t think about any fashion ‘rules’ and just grab things you want to wear.  Today I wanted to wear something different than I would normally ever wear and it just happened to be two completely different patterns, stripes and gingham, forcing me to do some pattern mixing like a boss!  And really they are both blue so it totally works!

Fall Collection with Indiesew

Today I am teaming up with Indiesew who last week launched a curated collection of 6 indie patterns that be mixed and matched to create a fall wardrobe.  These pieces are all amazing in their own right but when paired together you really are set for the fall and beyond.  Who doesn’t love a great collection of patterns, especially patterns that can all work together giving you so many different options.


Fall is by far hands down my favourite season of the year.  I absolutely love the crisp air and the falling leaves and I may be partial but I am pretty sure that there is no better place to be than the Pacific Northwest in the fall.

Sewing for Me – Julia Cardigan

When Haley of Welcome to the Mouse House released The Julia Cardigan at the beginning of December I snatched it up that day.  I knew it needed to be a part of my wardrobe in all of the different options.

As usual life got busy and I never got around to making one for myself.  I finally remedied that last week and the finished product was just as amazing as I knew it would be back in December when I bought the pattern.  How is it possible that I waited this long to actually sit down and sew the pattern that ended up taking less than an hour to do from start to finish.