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Sewing Workshops in Seattle

My business has always taken more of a DIY or non-traditional approach to things.  Not only do I think that is my personality but it also comes from a place of making business decisions based on me and not what others are doing.  That’s not to say what others are doing is wrong, it’s just not always right for me.  I am sure if you were to sit in a room with my mom and sisters they would tell you everything about that statement is how I live my life and not just how I run my business.  So they especially will not be surprised I am putting myself out there with my newest idea.

Since returning from Craftcation I have had the idea of teaching brewing in my mind, I just never seemed to figure out how I would make it work.  While the ‘easy’ way would be to approach some fabric shops and see if I could teach my patterns to their customers, I just felt like I wanted something different.  Different can be scary, there are just so many unknowns in different.  I have never let that hold me back in the past so I am pushing forward and hoping others are just as excited about it as me. 

Head over to the Sewing Workshops page to see the schedule of workshops here in Seattle to choose from.

What I love most about teaching is creating a space where we can laugh and learn and just have a great time with each other, let our guard down and just create with other women.  For many of us sewing is a solitary activity and I have definitely learned over the years that sewing with other people is so much more fun than sewing alone.  The key is actually sewing and not just chatting the whole time, but that might just be me.

Because of this environment I want to create for our time together my sewing workshops are going to be a little different than your average sewing class.  The classes are all being held at this amazing community space in Phinney Ridge.  I especially love this connection since my patterns are all named after neighbourhoods in Seattle, and I have a Phinney Ridge pattern.  Watch for that to be taught in September 😉

During the time we are spending together I want everything you need to be there so we can just dig in and sew.  Included in your registration for the workshop will be: 5 hours of instruction (10 hours for the two day workshop), the paper pattern for the class, lunch, snacks (definitely jelly beans) and drinks.  I will also have all the sewing essentials for you to use during the workshop such as rotary cutters, scissors, tracing paper, pins and pattern weights.  But you are welcome to bring your supplies if you would rather.

The biggest difference is that I ask you to bring your own sewing machine, let me tell you my thoughts on this because I have thought about this a lot.  The main reason for this is because it is not as helpful for you to learn something on a machine that you will never sew with again.  I would rather you spend your time learning this new skill based on a machine you are already comfortable with and will continue to use after the workshop.  With that said, I don’t want someone to miss out on the workshop simply because they don’t have a machine, so I will have a limited number of machines available to borrow for the class.

I just hope to create an amazing experience for all of you where you walk away feeling like you not only learned a new skill but gained friends and a community in the process.  Over the years my creative life has been made richer by the people I have learned from and along side over the years, I hope you take this chance with me.

If you have any questions about the workshops or have ideas of workshops you would like to see please reach out to me, I would love to hear from you.

I look forward to sewing with you at one of these workshops.

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