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Over the years I have dabbled with knitting, but never went any further than making a scarf.  Except for that one time I made a coffee cozy and I am still not sure how I managed to figure out cabling when I couldn’t even purl.

Recently I began to realize that I was burned out from sewing at night and wanted to pick up an activity that could be done while sitting on the couch relaxing.  It wasn’t until I met up with my Sewing Buddy Jeni at Vogue Knitting Seattle that I caught the bug and wanted to start knitting.  The first project I started that very day was the Rae Scarf by Jane Richmond, who happened to be sitting across the table from me while I cast on.  Crazy and awesome at the same time.  Between my friend Jeni and all of her friends I was encouraged and empowered to start this new obsession.

I will be participating in my first KAL with the amazing Shannon of Very Shannon where I will be attempting a sweater that has 3/4 sleeves and lace knitting.  I am an over achiever when it comes to knitting and maybe a little bit crazy if you ask my sewing buddy Jeni, but I love a good challenge.  Make sure to follow along with me on Instagram and Twitter while I make a go at this whole thing.  It is sure to be filled with laughter and fun as well as confusion and probably a few mistakes, but I am okay with that because I am knitting an actual piece of clothing people, not just a straight scarf.


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