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Every new year I make the decision to get more organized in all areas of my life from cooking and cleaning to household management and decluttering.  Nearly every year something happens around the middle of January that throws me off and I lose focus.  Then December rolls around and I find myself re-energized to make the change.  So this year I thought I would use all of you to help keep me motivated to make the changes for life to run more smoothly.

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring the different ways that I am going to work to become more organized which hopefully will allow more time for my kiddos and husband and less wasted time doing busy work.  Sound good?  Want to join me for a kickstart to a more organized life.  Just follow along here as well as twitter and instagram, look for #moreorganizedlife.  And don’t forget to tag how you are creating a more organized life, I want to see what you are doing to reach this goal with me.

This week I thought I would start with cleaning, a task that many find a little soul sucking, myself included most days 🙂  But I am convinced that if the cleaning is done on some sort of schedule then it feels less like a horrible task and becomes just a part of your morning and evening routines.  There are many cleaning checklists out there, some super easy and others a bit more complicated.  While many of them were great I always found a handful of things that just didn’t apply to me thereby making the checklist useless.  I figured why not take bits and pieces of all of them and make one for myself that is much more applicable to my life.

Here is the cleaning checklist I came up with.  Pretty straightforward and completely reasonable on a daily basis.


Since we are working together to get motivated I want to offer it to you as well.  Just click on the image and you will be taken to the full sized image to save to your computer.  I am also offering to make basic changes to the checklist so that it is customized to you.  Just email at paperie{at}thenestcreations{dot}com with the changes you would like made and I will update the file and email it back.  If you also want different colours let me know and I can make that change.

Once you have it all printed out you can even throw it in a frame and put it up in the laundry room or tape it to the inside of the kitchen cabinet, as long as it is somewhere you will see it often.  I find that if it in my face all the time I am more likely to remember to do it.

Now that we have a working checklist and a group of people to work with lets spend this month make things a habit so that for the rest of the year we are all leading a more organized life.


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