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Christmas Jams with Perfect Ruffles

When the ladies at Once Upon a Sewing Machine reached out and asked if I would join their Holiday PJ Tour I enthusiastically said yes.  Both Rachel and Donna have been amazing help to me with my pattern testing so it is fun to return the blog love and help with their tour.

I am a sucker for Christmas jams.  Every year I get the kiddos new jams to wear on Christmas Eve, a tradition that I remember my grandma doing when I was growing up.  This year I decided to be ambitious and make them instead so the timing for this blog tour couldn’t have been better.  A quick look through my fabric stash resulted in the most perfect flannel for the job.

Ballard Blog Tour Day 8

Joining us for our blog tour today is Donna from Once Upon a Sewing Machine and she is looking so great in this black and white polka dot Ballard.  I am loving the solid black bands and the lengthened sleeves.

Head over to Donna’s blog to read more and to see pictures of the back of her top.

Ballard Dot Front