Why Not Make a Dress…

Sophie loves when I make her clothes, especially when they are pink.  She makes my sewing momma heart smile when she proudly tells anyone who asks that her mom made her clothes.  I hope that she never loses that pride in wearing something that was made just for her, because I know I will cherish the way she reacts when I show her what I have made.

Yesterday while shopping for some felt at Joann’s for a preschool valentines craft we strolled by the fleece and Sophie was in love at first sight with some bright pink fleece with little fluffy rosettes all over it.  She asked if we could buy it with a huge smile on her face.  When your favourite 3 year old asks you to buy pink fluffy fabric and make something for her you don’t hesitate because that joy in something as simple as pink fabric will not last forever.

She hugged that bolt while waiting at the cutting counter and proudly held her fabric through the store.  We ran a few more errands where the fabric joined us in the stores because she just couldn’t leave it in the car.  She was smitten.

Once we were home it was time to pick a pattern and bodice fabric.  She was so excited that she stripped down and asked to put the dress on, and while I am fast I am not that fast so she had to patiently wait for me to put the dress together.

Thankfully we chose The Claire Dress by Shwin Designs which is not only a great pattern but such a quick sew.  I love the square neckline and the ability to add sleeves or a variety of skirt options.  The best patterns are the ones where you have a variety of options for customizing the pattern.  Shwin Designs definitely delivered with different options as well as clear directions and pictures.  Such a great dress pattern to add to my arsenal.


I ended up going with the basic skirt design since the fabric had so much detail.  It couldn’t be more perfect for a last minute valentines dress for Sophie.  She gave it the seal of approval by wearing it to bed last night and insisted on wearing it for her playdate today.  I have a feeling it is going to be a battle to get her out of it long enough to wash it.


Can I just stop for a moment and say, where did my three year old go?  She looks so grown up here, posing like a little model.


You are in luck, I have enough of both of the fabrics to make one more dress.  So if you would like a valentines dress for your little girl or a special girl in your life it could be yours.

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