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Further Education

Back for another edition of Behind the Scenes.  If you want to catch up on the past posts in this series head over here.

As I have probably said on multiple occasions I had no idea what I was doing when I signed up for the Pattern Workshop course.  Other than a long established love of clothes I had no background in garment design and very little experience in garment construction.  So looking into additional courses and material to strengthen my knowlege has been so important.

Typical Work Day

As children are heading back to school whether it is older children gone all day or even the little ones headed back to preschool a few hours a week, like my kids, getting yourself back into a routine is essential. So for this months Behind the Scenes I am going to share with you what a typical work day for me looks like.

In my dream world I would wake up at 6:00 and sit down with a hot cup of coffee and get a good hours worth of work done before the kids get up.  The reality is that I sleep like the dead and usually don’t wake up until Benny is shoving me out of bed and putting my glasses on my face.

Photoshoot Locations

Last month I launched a new series on the blog, Behind the Scenes at Straight Stitch Designs, where I will be giving you a glimpse into my creative process, my family, my work space and why I do the things I do.  Make sure to check out my first post on paper patterns, I think you will be surprised at what goes into every paper pattern you purchase from me.

For this months Behind the Scenes post I am going to be talking to you about photoshoot locations and what the realities of the pictures you are seeing on the blog actually are.

Behind the Scenes

When I was writing the post last week on letting go of my insecurities and rocking a bikini this summer it really got me thinking about what I want this little corner of the internet to be.  I want you to look at my posts and pictures and see the real me.  The stay at home mom to 2 kids who is juggling preschool, dance, soccer, running a business and sometimes cleaning the house.  The person who drinks way too much coffee and has just as many sewing successes as flops.