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View Ridge

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VIEW RIDGE is playful meets feminine with gathered front detail and keyhole at the back.

VIEW RIDGE can be sewn as a tunic with ruffled bottom hem, or omit the ruffle for a long and straight tunic. You can even be super modern by making the View Ridge into a crop top to wear with your favourite high waisted jeans or even the Wedgwood skirt. View Ridge can be dressed up with a flowy fabric and worn out with friends, or made in double gauze to wear around town with jeans and sandals. Layer a cardigan over your View Ridge and it will even transition you to work.

VIEW RIDGE comes in sizes 0-24.  All of my patterns have the layers function enabled so if you only need one size you can save ink by only selecting that size before printing.  This pattern is great for the beginning looking for a challenge or an old pro looking for something new.