Kids Clothes Week – Day 3

Oh for the love of Bimaa, what an amazing pattern!  Why did it take me so long to sew one of these.

When I laid eyes on this after what felt like 10 minutes of sewing I knew I was in for one of the best things I have ever sewn.


I will be honest at this point it was looking really professional, unlike some of my other projects.  My stripes were matched up along the sides and my seams were finished inside thanks to my amazing serger.  How did I possibly go this many years without a serger?

After a break for a drop off at a playdate, thrift shopping with my main man Benny and lunch with friends I raced home to finish up the sweater.

The end result was so much better than I could have imagined.


The green tonal sweater knit is so soft and cozy and the dark charcoal double knit I used for the cowl is so comfy around your neck.  I wish the pattern went up to a women’s medium because I would totally make myself one.

After a bit of bribery I managed to get Sophie to try it on and do a bit of ‘modelling’ for me in the backyard.  I have to say she is a pretty darn cute model.


The 2T was a perfect fit for her and will last her through the winter and into spring since it is so long.


I already mentioned this but thought this shot shows it so well, look at those perfectly matched size seams.  I took extra time when cutting out the pattern to make sure the side stripes would match up and I think that helps add to it looking so much more professional, which I guess is good considering I am a professional 🙂

I would have to say today was a major success.  There is nothing more motivating than completing a project that turns out even better than you could have imagined.  I am already dreaming up all of the fun new variations of the Bimaa I am going to make for Sophie.  I have some vintage jersey sheets that would look so cool as a Bimaa.  The pattern is all traced and fabric is being cut tonight for another Bimaa in the same fabric for Benny but with the Shawl collar.  Maybe some family pictures are in order once they both have their super cute Bimaa’s to wear.

Check back tomorrow when I take on the Vintage V-Neck by Blank Slate Patterns.

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