Finding the Balance

Finding balance in my life for all of the things I am involved in is difficult.  My main job right now is being a stay at home mom and for any of you who are doing the same you know that is an all consuming job.  Between coop preschool for both kids, weekly rotating playdate, ballet, visits with my family and general house stuff like laundry, cleaning and meals there is little time for anything else.  I find that I am waking up early and staying up late so I have time for my business.  I let the kids watch one more show so I can write a blog post or finish a sewing project, but I don’t want this time with my kids to be wasted.

Most days I just want to sneak in my sewing room and create something, anything.  Some days I get the chance to which is amazing, but most days are so jam packed with stuff I have little time to devote to my business.  At this stage of life maybe this is the best I can do, stolen moments in the day when the kids are happy to devote to my own things.

Overall though, the ability to have something that is all mine is great, it makes me excited and encouraged and happy so I want to continue it but finding that balance is key.

For any of you stay at home parents who also have a business, how do you find balance in your days?



  1. Angie says:

    Balance! Yes, it’s an ever-consuming struggle to find it. I can either keep up with the housework, or I can do something fun for me, like read a book, write a blog post, or have a bath. When I decided to start making bracelets, I didn’t know how I’d fit it in. The nice thing about this, as opposed to sewing, is it doesn’t take up much space. So all my stuff is on the kitchen island, and I bang away at it whenever I have 5 minutes. Ergonomically not a great solution, but at least I get a few minutes of me-time every day.

    As an aside – seeing all your totally cute kids clothes is making me itchy to get my sewing machine out again. But the thought of getting set up with patterns and cute fabrics is so overwhelming. I think I’ll just be living vicariously through you for a while! Oh…for a craft room!

    • Kimberly Payne says:

      I think it is amazing how just a little bit of time in a day to do something that has nothing to do with your kids can be so uplifting. Sometimes if I only get 15 minutes to sew its enough to get me to the kids bedtime.

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