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KCW Spring 2014 – Day 3

Yesterday life happened and so Kids Clothes Week day 2 did not.  We are in an especially busy phase of life with our kiddos right now so sometimes sewing doesn’t happen.  Thankfully nap time happened today so I was able to whip up a couple of t-shirts for Sophie while they slept.

Since Benny got a few new shirts on Day 1 I thought it was only fair that Sophie got some new shirts this week too.  One of the patterns that was on my to do list for this week was the Celestial Tee from Figgy Studios that I got as part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2.

KCW Spring 2014 – Day 1

Today is the start of another round of Kids Clothes Week and I couldn’t be more excited to sew some things for the littles this week.

Both kiddos are in desperate need of basic pieces.  Sophie is getting much taller so all of her pants and tops are getting short and while a midriff baring shirt was really cool in the 90’s it’s not so cool on a 3 year old now.  Benny is busy growing and is finally moving out of 12 month clothes and into 18 months.  So yeah, both kids need shirts and pants.

Boy’s Sewing Week

Kids Clothes Week was a really great experience for me, it gave me a chance to stretch my skills, while also making clothes for my kids and trying patterns I have been putting off for months.  I thought I would take the idea of kids clothes week and challenge myself to do a Boy’s Sewing Week since most of the clothes I usually sew are for my daughter.  There is no shortage of super cute boys patterns out there it’s just a matter of narrowing down to what is reasonable in a week while also still handling my day job of being a mom.

Kids Clothes Week Round Up

What a week KCW was.  I had no idea when I started that it would be so much fun and be just the push I needed to start sewing regularly again.  I totally get it now why all of these amazing bloggers do this two times a year.

Not only was it fun to make my projects but it was so great to see everything that other people were making, so much inspiration for future sewing.  I already have a new list of clothes started that I want to try.

Kids Clothes Week – Day 7

For the final day of kids clothes week I decided to give my nemesis for the week, the Vintage V-Neck, another try.  Considering I had already cut two more out I figured it was worth a try when I wasn’t rushed and could do a proper job of it.  I also decided to read each step carefully before sewing so I didn’t miss anything important.

Well wouldn’t you know when you actually read the instructions and follow along with the pictures everything makes sense and you are left with some super cute v-neck t-shirts.

CRW_4568 CRW_4571

Kids Clothes Week – Day 5

Day 5 was by far my biggest challenge which is actually quite funny considering all I was sewing was a t-shirt.  I think more of it had to do with Friday being a very busy day for me and still trying to squeeze sewing in.  I had done 4 days so far and I wanted to finish out the week strong but it quickly turned into just finishing the shirt.

Kids Clothes Week – Day 4

Day 4 was about getting things done.  I spent the morning cutting out fabric to make 3 different shirts.  Originally I had planned to make the Vintage V-Neck today but as I was cutting I got inspired by the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew and some of the fun combinations I had in my stash so I went with that for today.

I have been dying to use the feather knit from Girl Charlee since it arrived and I knew that a super soft and heavy weight mustard yellow knit I had would work perfectly.  The end result was even better than I had envisioned.  I decided to try the elbow length for Sophie’s shirt and use the main fabric on the sleeve cuffs as well.

Kids Clothes Week – Day 3

Oh for the love of Bimaa, what an amazing pattern!  Why did it take me so long to sew one of these.

When I laid eyes on this after what felt like 10 minutes of sewing I knew I was in for one of the best things I have ever sewn.


I will be honest at this point it was looking really professional, unlike some of my other projects.  My stripes were matched up along the sides and my seams were finished inside thanks to my amazing serger.  How did I possibly go this many years without a serger?