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Last Minute Cyber Monday Deals

I had meant to write this post a few days ago, but jet lag kicked my butt.  I got home late on Thursday night from two weeks in Europe and at 36 I just don’t bounce back like I used to.  But I slept for 10 hours straight last night so I fee like a new woman.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday is such a big deal in the US and I discovered this year, around the world as well.  It is a time to get Christmas presents for those in your life as well as treat yourself to some of the things you have been eyeing.  Many of the deals I am going to share are going to up your garment sewing or push you towards making your own patterns 😉

Trick or Treat Bag

Sharing another fun tutorial over at Make It & Love It this morning, this time a trick or treat cat bag for your kiddos.

I am lucky enough to have kiddos that love picking out costumes at Costco!  I know it is total sewing parents dream.  I don’t think they have quite figured out that I could actually sew them a costume and I plan to never let them find out, because costume making is so not for me.

Perfect West Coast Accessory

I am pretty much convinced that there is no better place to live than the West Coast of the US and Canada.  Some may disagree (like my husband) but you really can’t beat the amazing weather we get.  Our Fall is crisp and clean with rain and grey to cuddle up and relax and our winter is cold without the snow but still the occasional beautiful sunny day.  The key for all seasons in this part of the world is layering and a great scarf can be used for at least three of the seasons.

Sew Fab Bundle Release

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase the Sew Fab Bundle through those links I earn a percentage of the sale. Thank you so much for supporting the Sew Fab Sale! We all appreciate your business!

Sew Fab Winter 2014 Pattern Sale at www.thesoutherninstitute.com

I can’t believe it’s time again for another Sew Fab Pattern Sale, can you? It feels like the time in between sales just gets shorter and shorter! I know that many of you have been keeping up with sale updates through the Sew Fab newsletter, and have been eagerly awaiting this bundle… I think you’re going to be really excited!

Christmas Jams with Perfect Ruffles

When the ladies at Once Upon a Sewing Machine reached out and asked if I would join their Holiday PJ Tour I enthusiastically said yes.  Both Rachel and Donna have been amazing help to me with my pattern testing so it is fun to return the blog love and help with their tour.

I am a sucker for Christmas jams.  Every year I get the kiddos new jams to wear on Christmas Eve, a tradition that I remember my grandma doing when I was growing up.  This year I decided to be ambitious and make them instead so the timing for this blog tour couldn’t have been better.  A quick look through my fabric stash resulted in the most perfect flannel for the job.

Be My Valentine

The kids and I had a great time putting together fun valentines for their classes and since it is still February I thought I would share the things we made.

Both kids are enrolled at our local cooperative preschool and one of the requirements for valentines day was that all valentines were handmade.  They didn’t have to be elaborate but did need to be something that involved the kids.  Because I am into all things crafty I figured this would be a fun opportunity to involve the kids in making something fun for their classmates.  With Sophie I knew she would help make all 20 valentines but Ben was another story, being only 19 months doesn’t help staying focused long enough to make 22 valentines.