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Seamwork Loretta

I have quite the growing collection of woven fabrics, but for years I almost exclusively sewed with knits.  I never felt completely confident in my fabric knowledge and that kept me from really exploring more woven garment patterns.  Now that I have a better handle on picking the fabrics that are more appropriate for the garment, I have a new love of woven garments.

Last week I was looking for a quick morning project and decided to find a pattern that would be perfect for this rayon chambray from Indiesew.  Unfortunately this fabric is already sold out, but this black and white crepe would be amazing for this pattern.  After scanning through my pattern collection I came across the Seamwork Loretta and knew it was the perfect choice.

Expanding Your Pattern Business to Print

Two years ago I decided to take my pdf pattern business in a new direction.  At the time I had 3 patterns in my collection and big plans for expanding the collection.  But wanted to find a way to reach a subset of my customers that may only purchase paper patterns or who hasn’t really explored the world of pdf patterns.

My biggest frustration through the initial process 2 years ago was that there was no central source of information with the steps it would take to transition my patterns to paper.  Every time a designer decides to make this move in their business they are forced to start from scratch  So this course was born from that lack of information and has been in the works from the start.

Summer Swimwear Tour

I feel like I haven’t sewn for my kiddos in forever, other than a few sets of pajamas that is pretty much true.  So when I was asked to join the Summer Swimwear Tour I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to sew some swimsuits for the kids.  My big plans of sewing swimsuits for both kids turned into just a swimsuit for Sophie, which turned out pretty darn cute.  Benny will get one eventually #secondkidproblems

Moms Weekend

What more could you ask for than leaving the husbands and kids at home and escaped to a cabin on the water for the weekend with your girlfriends and fellow co-op moms.  As we loaded up into my friends van with far too much food and alcohol I just couldn’t be happier with the group of friends that I have here in Seattle, these ladies rock my socks off, they make this motherhood thing so much easier.


Greenwood Tester Call


I am a tank top kind of girl once the weather starts to warm up.  As I begin to assemble my summer wardrobe I thought why not create a pattern that I would get so much use out of and I know others would as well.  The Greenwood tank is the first in the Straight Stitch Designs Basic Collection.  Greenwood has two finishing options either knit bias bound or knit strips.  There are also two back options including a low back that mirrors the front neckline.  This tank is made to be long and fitted.

Random Guy in a Hostel

You never know how one moment can change your life forever. I dont normally share this type of thing on the blog but I couldn t let this day pass without some mention, because everything I am today comes from that moment.

10 years ago I was a carefree 22 year old living and working in Cairo Egypt.  Teaching english by day and hanging out with new friends by night.